ThisĀ week My 5ft 4 body tipped the scale at 294 pounds. Like a looney I stepped on and off the scale multiple times, as if the darn thing had given me the wrong numbers. Nope! That scale told no lies.

You see I have been on the road to Health Hell for many years now. Let’s call it a slow but painful suicide. I have been going through an emotional crisis for a long time, and I had decided that burying myself in food would keep me from ever being hurt again. Was I right? No I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, it’s true that men flat ignore me, so I’m safe from that threat. However, I’m my own worst enemy. I hurt myself daily. I am a big fat bully. I call myself horrible names, I feed myself poisons, I neglect my body. I hold myself back from succeeding.

Whose fault is it that I am morbidly obese? Oh I could blame my parents, my ex, or even McDonalds, but I can’t truly blame anyone person but myself. No one held a shot gun to my skull and forced me to gorge on tasteless food in order to hide the pain away.

So, this week I will begin my race to save my life. If you would like to follow me, I will be posting my weekly weigh ins, my monthly measurements, my daily food intake, and such. I will lose this weight, because I have a dream. Want to know what that dream is? Keep reading my posts and I will reveal it at a later date.

I will also be posting pictures in the days to come.